What every company must have for innovation

Innovation, the term on everyone’s mission statement, is rarely taken seriously yet is the only way to survive.

This subject is something that comes up regularly with clients, government and friends as to how can innovation be encouraged or brought into a company.

Innovation is a process, not an end game. The ownership of innovation within a company lies with every employee and is not a delegated task. But for this to happen, two elements are crucial.

Culture – a culture of innovation must be fostered. Employees must want to suggest new products, process and possibilities.

Flow – once an idea or suggestion is received, than what? How is this idea going to be nurtured?

The easiest way of changing a culture is to change a process and watch the effect of that change.

Therefore, if you want innovation, develop an internal accelerator for ideas. Develop KPIs for that accelerator. Create a team to manage and promote the process.

Change by doing not by thinking about it. It is a lot easier, effective and result driven.

One thought on “What every company must have for innovation

  1. Very interesting Simon. Let me add another pillar you need to foster innovation: collaboration between cross functions. Unless you manage to change the way you work with others by questioning the status quo and create more interactions to create value, innovation will only be an experimental phase. If you want to build something out of it you need people to work all together including the top management.

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