A lot more than Start Up Weekend this coming October

Start up weekend is awesome! I am a huge fan of the event! Like-minded individuals passionately competing to win a competition over a stressful yet super rewarding weekend. What is there not to love! 

However what about those that have started up? We need some activities for them also. 

This year, the organisers behind start up weekend are taking it to the next level and organising a week full of start up relevant events. 

Yupp! A whole week!

 Start Up Weekend Malta 2014

We are organising a pitchathon for early stage start ups that need pitching practice in a constructive environment. 

We are inviting some awesome local start ups to share their experience in acquiring start up funding, or approaching the funding issue in a ‘nothing-will-have-to-do’ (bootstrapping) approach! What did they learn? What did they struggle with? What advice can they give you? Real stories from real start ups. Sounds awesome? Not done yet!

We have confirmed hub:raum to come along and give a few workshops and talks on lean start up methodologies. Hum:raum is a fantastic accelerator/incubator based in Germany and Poland and is an offshoot of TMobile.

Microsoft is also giving a few talks on their BizPark program! This is the program offered at various Microsoft centres throughout the world. 

Lastly, we are going to end the week with start up weekend because we strongly feel that start up weekend is the ideal place where future start ups and existing start ups can integrate, add value, help each other and live that exciting start up culture for a week(end).

This year, we want to really work on integration (no coding required). We want to get different faces into the room. This year, we are encouraging a wider mix of people to our events. We want expats, foreigners, (tourists – we always get a few!) as well as corporates. Why? because each one of those communities add tremendous value.

As for corporates, wouldn’t you want to know what the local innovators are up to?  

Dates? All this is going to happen between the 13th October and 19th October 2014.

A super-massive thanks to Microsoft for their immediate support and belief in us (the community) to make this a reality.

Want to know more? Check out startupisland.org (What’s this? Yes, we are launching a start up community focused website for Malta based start ups!)


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