Interesting times and a change in how Malta should be perceived

The past few weeks have been one awesome roller-coaster ride. Certainly one of the most exciting ones I ever experienced.

You see, over the past few months, some very interesting things happened. Like with most interesting things, it was due to me bumping into some inspiring entrepreneurs and visionaries, of various scales.

I have been getting my hands dirty within the start up scene. Events, such as Start Up weekend, started happening on the little Maltese island, and to be honest, I was sceptical. The result from that weekend was, I admit, an eye opener. The quantity of high quality minds in a single room surpassed my expectations and Malta, as an island, is now seen in a different light.

The most interesting factors are:

Skill sets

Malta has grown and matured significantly over the past few years. From just another beautiful Mediterranean island, to an island that not only is strong enough to survive one hell of a financial crisis, but was also well geared up to build a rock solid financial and iGaming industry. The result was an influx in skill sets, expectations and possibilities, connecting our local human resource to Northern Europe. Today, Malta is most certainly an interesting location for business with quality people that quite frankly know their stuff.


I have had many arguments, time and time again, about the Maltese and their lack of vision. With a local mentality of foreign being better, I was convinced that such limiting beliefs will stifle growth and potential. That said, the local start up community and entrepreneurs proved me wrong. The show stopping belief was turned on its head. Today, more and more Maltese are looking at add value to foreign markets, in technology, services, finance, and other industries. Today, Malta sees itself as an equal, in the least, with the rest of the world. More and more Maltese have their focus on global domination and this is a huge asset for the island.

In order to add potential to the local community, I have been organising the set up of to start in Malta. A series of events, focused on the start up and entrepreneur, held in an informal setting (read wine), giving the opportunity for the locals (and expats!) to meet and greet and talk shop. A great opportunity based on a simple concept that is in effect across the world, from London to Singapore.

Further than that, I have also set up a product acceleration company. Tain and Able is a company that focuses on converting services based businesses or small product businesses into something big. With a focus on lean and effective digital marketing, and a series of overnight clients, this is most certainly the cherry on the cake.

All in all, Malta is what it is. A great place that not only offers a work-life balance, but is overflowing with opportunity, particularly for those looking for global domination!

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