Are you struggling to increase your sales?

Have you been hiring and firing sales execs or business development managers and never satisfied?

Are you micromanaging your sales team due to their lack of performance?

Is your sales team inefficient?

A common challenge with top level executives is that of under performing sales teams. This is evident because cash flow is tight, growth is not being achieved  and  targets are not being met. Therefore, it is evident that your sales team is under performing and are not worthy of selling your product.

Most often, this is not the case and needs to be studied further.

A sales person is simply a cog in a very large machine. It may be the net that catches your fish but it may also be that your nets are being thrown in the wrong location or the holes are too large (figuratively speaking of course).

Before criticising anything within your business, the first place to assess is the direct function or characteristics that impacts the one in the spotlight.

For example, let us look at a company with low sales volumes and work backwards in a sort of cause and effect manner.

1. Are your nets being cast in the wrong location? What does your distribution look like? Are your sales executives targeting the right companies and locations?

2. Does the odour, colour and shape of your bait you use appeal to the right fish? Is your product positioned for the customer that you are targeting? Does it have the right branding in order to be in line with your target customer’s perceived requirements, actual or emotional.

3. Is your bait even the right bait? Does your customer want it? Will it solve enough of a problem to actually give you there hard earned cash for it? Is the value you allocate to the product similar to the value given by the customer? If not, is it within a negotiable range?

4. Are you using fishing nets blindly? Do you have a vision for your company? Is this vision communicated? Is this vision shared? Are you all trying to achieve that same vision with belief and determination? Is your culture and vision intertwined?

This cause and effect method of looking at a challenge allows the CEO or top executive to solve the true problem. A matter of finding the source, or true cause may be a challenge for various reasons but most often, such challenges force top level execs to look upwards and inwards and challenge their own methods.

Could it be that your sales team are under performing because you, as CEO, do not have or have not managed the company’s vision?

What are your thoughts?

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