This will definitely be the next big app!

We have all heard this too many times before. Many believe that the development of a mobile application that is functional in some way, will be a sure success. Simply develop it, put it on some appstore, and huge success will follow. Normally, after the description of the mobile application, name dropping occurs, most often being Instagram, followed by acquisition values. A sure success than.

The mobile application business can be very lucrative and certainly an attention grabber. However, simple marketing principles still apply. Understanding what problem you are solving, who your market is, where your customers are, how to inform them about this life changing app, etc. still needs to be carried out. Simple market research has to be affected before even starting any business plans.

Another interesting phenomenon about apps is that they tend to be of a disposable nature. Apps tend to be consistently evolving or, similar to the blockbuster movie business, based heavily on fads.

All this makes it an expensive business to be in, though if you get it right, hugely rewarding.

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